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COVID-19 Updates

Atlantis Urgent Care now has the ability to collect nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID-19  testing in conjunction with office visit for appropriate patients (symptoms that may indicate covid-19, exposure, higher risk individuals). At this time we DO NOT have “test only” capacity, however we can collect swabs as indicated during office visit. 

Atlantis Urgent Care can also collect COVID-19 antibody blood test to check for prior infection.


In order to provide medical care in the safest and most convenient matter, Atlantis Urgent Care will now be providing telemedicine services for suitable types of visits. This can be done using your smartphone or home PC/Mac.  If you would like to register for a telemedicine visit, please click on the following link:

Upon clicking the link, you will be asked to enter your name and mobile number, as well as asked to answer two questions regarding Covid-19 exposure. Once completed, you will be placed in queue and should receive a call or text from our staff to schedule your telemedicine visit and further instructions.

Follow us on social media at @Atlantisurgentcare (instagram) and Atlantisurgentcare (facebook) for further updates. We are following the below policies and procedures.

Our Facility

We have removed magazines and pamphlets from reception and shared areas.

We have decluttered all countertops & the bathrooms and are cleaning them throughout the day.

We have spaced chairs in reception areas farther from each other. You may also wait in your car after checking in if no exam room is immediately available. We have also implemented in car waiting and waiting service in private rooms if available.

Hand sanitizer and a pair of gloves are available upon request. Bathrooms and exam rooms also have soap and water.

Clinic doors will be wiped down and cleaned after every patient.

Counter tops and patient stations are wiped down after every patient.

Our Team 

We will be here & taking care of you. We are still seeing patients for all injuries or needs.

We are not traveling or attending gatherings.

We wash hands upon entrance, between each patient, as appropriate throughout the day, and before exiting the practice (standard practice).

We wipe down exam rooms and chairs between patients (standard practice).

We follow universal precautions each and every day.

We will wear gloves and limit patient touching to necessary, clinical touching.

We will avoid touching our faces.

Our Patients 

Please call our clinic before arriving if you are not feeling well or have a cold, cough, or fever after recent travel putting you at risk.

Please ask us for hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, or anything you might need. We will try to accommodate your needs.

Please ask us if you would like bottled water as we will remove all self-service water stations.

Procedure

1. All patients will sign in using Clockwise, giving their name, phone number, and answer two Covid screening questions.

2. Front office will obtain insurance info, collect copays when possible and notify patient that they will be contacted by medical staff when available.

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Atlantis Urgent Care provides an unprecedented quality of service with the most advanced medical techniques within the Space Coast. Our list of services continues to grow as our physicians and staff broaden their knowledge base to address a myriad of customer needs.

NEWS: We have extended our weekday hours Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm

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NEWS: We have extended our weekday hours Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm