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Aftercare at Atlantis Urgent Care

We want to make sure you’re feeling better after your visit at Atlantis Urgent Care, so we take pride in our refferals to any aftercare company. Whenever you visit our clinics, you’ll leave with a summary of your visit and can set up a follow-up appointment with our receptionist if necessary. To ensure you received quality medical care, someone from Atlantis Urgent Care will also call you within the next week just to see how you’re doing.

Follow Up Medical Care You Can Rely On

When you leave Atlantis Urgent Care, we won’t just hand you a prescription and leave it to you to figure out what to do next. We’ll refer you to a specialist who we trust will take good care of you. If you need pre-approval or pre-authorization, we will work with you and your insurance company

If your illness needs continuous care or follow up medical care, we will help you get the tests needed for a speedy recovery. We’ll also help you find a doctor who will care for you during your recovery.

Here are some of our Urgent Care Referrals

✔MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan pre-approval to evaluate for brain trauma, aneurysm, stroke and tumors; heart problems like aneurysm or tearing; abnormalities in the glands an organs; and structural issues in the joints, soft tissues, and bones.

✔CT (computed tomography) scan pre-approval, to find abnormalities in the organs and bones, including tumors, injuries, prolapse, embolism, aneurysm, cysts, abscesses, infection, and more.

✔Special diagnostic testing pre-approval including ultrasound, biopsy, spinal tap (lumbar puncture), skin test for allergies, bone density testing, oxygen saturation test, and more.

✔Lab test processing and results

✔Cardiology/stress echocardiogram referral

✔Prompt orthopedic follow-up including referrals for physical and occupational therapy

You can expect quality follow-up medical care from us at Atlantis Urgent Care. If you are anywhere in Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, Lansing Island or Indian Harbor Beach


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