Amazing Facts about Heart Health & Heart Disease

Every day the heart beats 100,000 times sending 2000 gallons of blood surging through your body. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and don’t skimp on exercise to keep your heart in tip-top shape.

A man’s heart weighs ~10 ounces while a woman’s heart weighs ~8 ounces. When women
have a heart attack- and more than 1 million do each year- the symptoms are usually nausea,
indigestion and shoulder aches rather than the hallmark chest pain men usually experience.
ben’t smoke, keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check and watch for the
obvious and more subtle warning signs your heart could be in trouble.

Laughter is the good heart medicine. A good belly laugh can send 20% more blood
flowing through your entire body. One study found that when people watched a funny movie,
their blood flow increased. That’s why laughter might be the perfect antidote to stress.
When you laugh, the lining of your blood vessel walls relax and expands.

You are more likely to have a heart attack on Monday morning than at any other time of
the week.

Morning is the prime time for heart attacks. Levels of the stress hormone cortisol
peaks early in the day and when this happens, cholesterol plaque that has built up in the
arteries can rupture and block the flow of blood to the heart. And the rise in blood pressure
and increased heart rate from the stress of returning to work after the weekend is a perfect
recipe for the Monday morning heart attack.

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